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      2.  最新公告

        關于我們 | English Introduction
        World Publishing Corporation Guangdong Branch
              World Publishing Corporation Guangdong Branch is a member company of China Publishing Group directly under Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, is state-level publishing house under China National Publications Import﹠Emport (Group) Corporation, is also an only domestic interregional intensive management publishing house, and has set up subsidiaries in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xi’an and WPC Audio-Video & Electronics Publishing House.
              Guangdong World Publishing Corporation (be called GWPC for short) is a subsidiary of World Publishing Corporation and is based in Guangzhou city. GWPC persists in the aim to “Introducing the world to China, introducing China to the world. ”, insists on the management principles of “Invigorating the country through science and education, invigorating the education through books, serving the scientific research and higher education.”, considers “Make publishing work prosrer, spread knowledge, meet the demand of the increasing culture.” as its own task...
              GWPC’s publication from purchased copyright includes printing original edition, reprinting, translating and publishing books in science and technology,economic management of foreign countries, and secience-technology reference titles both in English and Chinese; relating audio & video products; editing the publications includes titles in science-technology, business management, language learning and comprehensive books.
              GWPC has established a good reputation through over twenty-years' publishing business.
              “To learn a foreign language, WPC for preference”. The languages learning books and reference titles have received a high regard from readers. Its publications include languages learning books covering English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Germany, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian etc. The contents vary from vocabulary to grammar, from oral to listening, from junior to senior, from daily life to business, from “Baby English” to CET 4&6, TOFEL, GRE, IELTS and postgraduate English. The purchased copyright books like Oxford English Dictionary, New English-Chinese Dictionary, series of BBC English, Pocket Bilingual Dictionaries, series of Absolutely Don’t Study English, and the domestic publications like From ABC to English Conversation, series of Pocket English, series of Crazy English, series of English Word Fancy Land, series of TOPWAY English, and foreign languages learning materials like Basic Spanish etc, with high quality content and superb making, these publications embrace a high acclaim and warm welcome from readers. The series of Encarta English-Chinese Dictionary will be published in 2008.
              The publications about science and technology have been in a bit scale. The books from health life to clinical medicine, from diet to way to maintain good health, from entertainment to fashion have received a high regard from readers. It suceeding in bringing in world classical authoritative works, such as Handbook of Print Media ,The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry, which have received a high regard from all circles.
              The publications about teaching material gradually reach matured. Series books about guidance material for primary and middle school have received a favourable comment from educational departments, and have been very popular with pupils and junior students. The publications about teaching materials of Vocational and Higher Training Colleges have improved teaching, reform education, scientific research through teaching materials, have accelerated comunication between schools, and have provided a good service to the schools and an alternating platform for scientific research.
              “Build fine work, renovate brand.” is our important aim in the Program Eleventh Five-year Plan. GWPC will open up the resources of domestic excellent books on a large scale while we are developing the collaboration with the overseas publishing houses, and provide more good books to readers.
        Executive Manager (Legal Representative) :Chen Yan
        Add:No.25,Dajiangchong, Xingang Road (W), Haizhu District,Guangzhou city.
        P. C. :510300
        Tel:020-8418 3753 Fax:020-8446 4151